Our language and culture matters also, and perhaps more than ever, when women are giving birth

 What is Birth Interpreters

Birth interpreters is a project born after the realization that  women quite often lack the necessary support while having a baby in a country where they don't speak the language. Birth is quite a unique and specific experience where conventional interpreting might not work. We believe that a professional who works as a mother's companion and can attend appointments and the labour acting as a support and interpreter who follows a code of conduct can be a very useful bridge of communication for all parties involved. Furthermore there is enough evidence that shows that unnecessary interventions happen more often when mothers do not speak the language of the country where they are birthing. 

We  Train and support    women

 To support   women through language during  motherhood 

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Our birth interpreters are trained both in interpreting and birth, to very high standards. Making them unique specialists in supporting mothers, families, midwives, obstetricians and other professionals to communicate effectively.

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If you are a bilingual doula or a multilingual midwife, or a woman who is a medical interpreter 

Why Birth Interpreters matter 

Birth Interpreters is a feminist association that supports women's rights and choices, and therefor our reproductive rights and the abolition of gender and exploitation of women. Language and mothers are the centre of our work and everything we do as Birth Interpreters.

And we believe that language should never be a barrier, language is a bridge, an opportunity for humans to build not to divide or oppress.


We will always refer to the scientific and linguistic terminology as per dictionaries and scientific texts for all our definitions and during our work. 

We will always offer webinars for anyone who wishes to learn more on the linguistic aspects of birth. However our training for birth interpreters is women only (Equility act 2010)

We offer you an exclusive training on how to become an birth companion who especialises in interpreting obstetrics, birth and breastfeeding and postnatal topics.