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Workshops on demand

Speaking at Conference

How to work

with interpreters

If your company works with international delegates you might be considering to contract an interpreter, but you might have many questions.

  • Should I contact an agency or a self employed professional

  • Who hires the equipment?

  • What kind of preparations do we need?

  • What is consecutive or simultaneous interpreting? 

  • Which one do we need?

  • Do I need two interpreters? Why?

My 2 hour facilitated workshop for organisations and groups will prepare you for deciding if you need interpreting or translator services, you will learn how to arrange the services of an interpreter, and you will confidently work with agencies and interpreting when booking their services. 


This will have an impact in your international relations and improve your time keeping and business success rate.


Birth interpreting

If you work for the NHS or you would like to work, if you are a woman who would like to train to be a birth interpreter with us, this is the workshop for you. 

It is a recorded workshop that covers all the basic knowledge of pregnancy and birth from an interpreter's perspective. 

You will also have unlimited access to the Glossary of terms and you can email Mara if you have any questions 


The recorded workshop covers:

  • The ideal behaviour of anyone working with a pregnant woman

  • Common scenarios during pregnancy appointments

  • How does birth work?

  • Frequent complications

  • The postnatal period

  • Difficult circumstances

  • Why birth interpreting

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