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Your doula in Glasgow

I qualified as a birth doula in 2009, I was trained back then by  Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, and since I have accompanied 20 births. I have been an antenatal teacher for over 15 years offering classes for the NCT. I have also trained many midwives and gynaecologists from various countries around the world as I am also a specialist in obstetric violence.

    I have had the honour to worked with Sheila Kitzinger and trained with her and her daughter Celia on reflective listening applied to traumatic birth experiences.

  Currently, I also offer workshops and one-to-one antenatal sessions as part of my doula packages or as a stand alone course. 

I am internationally known as a feminist activist working for the sexual and reproductive rights of women and I have published three books about birth and feminism in Spanish.

Why hire me?

I never really intended to be a doula but every now and again a woman will appear in my life or my classes asking me to be their doula. If you hire me you will get some sort of Swiss knife in doula terms. I posses a huge amount of knowledge both experiential from my three births and by attending others, and also as a well trained and super experienced NCT teacher. I am a mother of three fantastic humans, two men and a 13 year old girl. They were on and off unschooled. I am Spanish but I have lived in London over 30 years I moved recently to Glasgow and I currently live in Bearsden.



Due to my busy schedule I can only offer my services as a birth doula to those women whose dates fit with my calendar, however I am in touch with other doulas so by all means drop me a mail. 

I offer two antenatal visits which can be a one to one antenatal class if you want, I am then on call from 36 weeks, I then spend all labour with you and visit you and your baby/babies once postnatally. I am available by email after that for as long as you need me.

If you are looking for a doula in Glasgow 

Please get in touch

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you as soon as I can 

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