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Across history and cultures women have always kept women circles, and birth has always been with other mothers and women supporting each other. So much so that the word gossip in English comes from the Godsibs or godmothers, who were the friends assisting the birth of women in Medieval times and obviously reporting the news afterwards.

Currently women for different circumstances might find themselves away from their family and friends and during pregnancy and labour this becomes paramount. 

Furthermore there is plenty of evidence that suggests that a woman not speaking the language of the country where she is birthing could lead to unnecessary interventions.

We also believe that birth is an intimate, unique and personal experience where conventional interpreting might not work, and using birth doulas or family members might not be the answer for all women.


Obstetric Glossary for Medical Interpreters by Mara Ricoy Olariaga DPSi

Now you can download a professional obstetric glossary with over 200 words 

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